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Seasoned Technology Leader  Offering hands on tech leadership and systems engineering with a strong entrepreneurial background.

 I have over 20 years of technical operations management, software development, security, network and systems administration and engineering experience.  From small ISPs, ASPs/SaaS, cloud and mobile apps to offshore datacenters and high availability internet applications.

Core Competencies

  • Systems and Network Operations
  • Fullstack Development
  • DevOps
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Development methodologies (Lean, Agile)
  • Project management
  • Market Analysis
  • Due Diligence
  • Development Strategy 
  • Team Building and Leadership  
  • Security Compliance

Professional Experience

Mar 2018Current

Chief Technology Officer

  My team decomposed  a monolithic IP/SMS hybrid messaging platform built on PHP and bare metal hardware, designed to handle several hundred thousand DAU, to a cloud based, containerized, microservices platform written in Go that could scale to millions of DAU. I started by rebuilding the team, the organization and the development process from a dysfunctional engineering organization to a reliable, enjoyable and stable one.

 As the organization stabilized and became more autonomous, I focused first on increasing service level towards the BI and Customer Acquisition teams, greatly improving their productivity, then on directing client app development and optimizationI also worked hand in hand with the CPO to translate product aspirations into technical requirements. 

Since these processes were established I have been contributing more to the technical development of the platform, primarily around DevOps, monitoring, simplification and stability.   

  • Established engineering team culture and process
  • Employee hiring, firing and reviews for a team of 11 engineers
  • Budgeting, contracts for technical vendors, consultants and partners
  • Analysis and planning of new partner and customer integrations
  • Tech stack: AWS (EC2, Cloudwatch, ECR, lambdas), GCP (BQ, Firebase, GA, Compute Engine), GoLang, PHP, MySQL, Jenkins, Prometheus, Docker, Linux, SMPP
Dec 2015Dec 2017

Chief Technology Officer

 Joors' core product enabled Mobile Operators to offer flexible data packages and allow for third parties such as NGOs or advertisers to sponsor subscriber traffic.

 As an engineer, I worked on integrations with mobile operator equipment, optimizing our Diameter protocol stack, as well as packaging and deployment of the platform. 

 I quickly moved into the CTO role where my first task was to bring the outsourced development in house, build the engineering team, then expand the services

  • All HR responsibilities: hiring/firing, team process and reviews
  • Rebuilt development team, replacing outsourced development of core software  with internal talent 
  • Reduced flagship product CapEx and installation time by 90% by replacing VMWare with KVM and deployment automation (Puppet, Foreman)
  • Created new cloud based product that offered most of the original product's value, but with a small percentage of the cost or complexity (heroku, firebase) 
  • Worked closely with business partners on product ideation and specification  
  • Presented technical results at regular board meetings
Lexher IT
Dec 2011Dec 2015

Senior Technical Consultant

 I worked both as a technical resource and on long running projects. 

Ericsson - Senior Technical Consultant Jun 2015 - Nov 2015

  • Worked on projects migrating various engineering departments from legacy datacenter to new, fully virtualised and automated hosting platform

Qbranch - Network & Security Consultant  Jan 2015 - May 2015

  • Managed many customers' technical infrastructures
  • Migration to Openstack systems (Cisco ACI/UCS)
  • Administrated security systems (Cisco/Fortigate)

Joors - Consultant  2015

  • Built Operations infrastructure (F5 PEM/LTM, Gigaspaces, VMWare) for telco services platform

NetEnt - Network Security  Jan 2013 - Sep 2013

  • Maintained ITIL/PCI and multi-region governmental compliance.
  • Designed secure architectures with Cisco, HP, F5 network equipment  

Betsson - Network Security Sep 2013 - Apr 2014

  • Maintained ITIL/PCI compliance.
  • Designed secure architectures with Fortigate, Cisco, Juniper and F5 network equipment 
  • Handled security incident response

G+D - Network Security Engineering Jan 2012 - Jan 2013

  • Managed all network security equipment (Cisco,Juniper, HP)
  • Liable for all network documentation and core contributor to process design (Confluence, Sharepoint, Visio)
  • Responsible for project cohesion with R&D, Sales and Support on new system and network architecture 
  • Responsible for connectivity support issues for hundreds of Mobile Network Operators
  • Focal point between local office and HQ in global integration project
Jan 2011Dec 2011

Director of of Technical Operations

 I was the entire Operations department and worked very closely with Development on architecture and deployment. We built a highly scalable Voice-First messaging platform that was ready to handle  hundreds of thousands of users.

  • Interfaced with Development team, fulfilling  all tech operations related tasks 
  • Early adopter of DevOps .
  • Constructed dynamic cloud based systems provisioning system from scratch
  • Creation and implementation of Security Policy and DRP
  • Administered Cassandra, Apache, Jetty on virtual and bare metal Linux systems
  • Managed vendor and hosting relationships
  • Built and managed switch, router, loadbalancer systems
  • Designed and administered CI/CD deployment systems between Development, Staging and Production
  • Built Nagios, Zabbix, Munin, Splunk monitoring and alerting systems
  • Build configuration and deployment systems with Puppet and custom code
mar 2009jan 2011

Operations Manager

 Responsible for the management of the all networks and systems for web and server hosting operations and  wireless network provider

  • Administrated Linux and Windows server farms (spacewalk, AD)
  • Built monitoring and alerting systems (Nagios, Cactii, MRTG)
  • Architected, installed and managed wired and wifi networks (Cisco routers/switches, Ubiquity Wi-Fi)
  • Managed streaming video systems (Red5, Flash, Quicktime)
F5 Networks
Sep 2006Mar 2009

New Product Integration / Enterprise Network Engineer

 I was a key person in the communication between different departments of the Professional Services organization. Being the conduit between support, consulting and engineering.  

  • Specialist in high availability, web app and network optimization (Big-IP, WanJet, Web Accelerator)
  • Highest Tier escalations support engineer 
  • Primary communication channel between Professional Services, Support and Product Development handling product specification, testing and QA
  • Due diligence of Support and Professional Services for Merger and Acquisition projects
  • Managed beta programs with customers
May 2005Sep 2006

Director of Technical Operations

 I was originally hired as a contract security engineer quickly adding Systems Administration and Operations Management responsibilities then moved into Director of Technical Operations for a company that was experiencing massive growth/

  • Managed daily operations, build outs, datacenter (hundreds of machines) facilities, and security 
  • Started and completed PCI-DSS compliance project
  • Grew operations team from 3 to 13
  • Responsible for the complete redesign of the legacy network, increasing capacity from < 10 Mbps to hundreds of Mbps 
  • Evaluation, purchasing and installation of all equipment, systems and vendors (Routers, Firewalls, IDPs, switches, servers, vendors, service providers)
Bluestream Networks
Dec 2003Jan 2005

Chief Technology Officer

  • Collaborated on short and long term strategy with company officers
  • Managed a team of 6 engineers
  • Managed the development of VoIP to PSTN network to handle an average of 2 million minutes per month of both inbound and outbound, international
  • Operations a multi-national MPLS + VOIP network for pan-Caribbean based call centers as well as IP customers,
  • Implemented corporate security policies and systems, such as firewalls and VPNs
  • Performed physical installation both in-house and on-site of equipment and leased-line services
  • Developed custom billing systems
Supercomputer International
Jun 2001Dec 2002

Founder, Chief Technology Officer

 Built a multi-tenant, white-label game hosting company from scratch. Building business first from gamers, then from game producers like EA. 

  • Managed local and remote developers
  • Managed day to day IT and production/co-location operations of 88 node linux cluster (MOSIX)
  • Managed technical relationships with high profile partners like the US Army and EA
  • Designed and built a top 500 super computer Linux cluster
  • Developed game management suite
Grand Central Communications
Oct 1999Nov 2000

Systems Architect

  • Design of a 5-9s B2B infrastructure (Solaris, Cisco)
  • Designed and built fully redundant staging and production environments
  • Designed and installed internal monitoring and trouble ticket systems
WorldNet Corporation
Jul 1998Oct 1999

Network Operations Manager/Director of Development

I came on board as a Network and Systems Operations manager in Ft Lauderdale. I later moved to Costa Rica to manage the development and hosting facilities for online gambling as well as long distance VOIP services. I'm proud to say that we were one of the first online gambling operations. 

  • Designed, implemented, upgrade, and documented networks for a wide range of customers.
  • Security audits, server and firewall configuration, switch routing, establishing VPNs, and testing redundancy
  • Massive DNS, Mail, SQL, Web and application servers administration
  • Managed a global data and voice network
  • Managed wager game development team and operations 


United States Navy

Data systems

Studied advanced naval warfare data systems

University of Colorado

Computer Science

Continued studies in computer science. Left early to join the work force.

Community Involvement


  • Lean Startup Machine – Workshop on Lean methodologies applied to startup company development 
  • Symantec Whitehat Hacker – Appeared on dozens of media outlets (TV, Radio, Print) for Symantec as a security expert discussing client-centric security vulnerabilities